Initiative for globally agreed goals and effective entrepreneurial interaction to launch sustainable investments

Odem investing is an initiative that advocates for a new understanding of entrepreneurial activity. It adresses every kind of human production activity which involves employment and leads to deployment of products or services as an investment with ecological, social and cultural impact. As a consequence it needs to be coordinated and agreed amongst the participating parties in accordance with their ethical standards. These standards have to be regarded as conditions to go to the market. Markets are a set of effectively coordinated guidelines to launch investments that are in accordance with the economical, ecological, social and cultural values of nature and society (creation). These investments have to be followed up, interpreted and if necessary be re-directed in ways that cater to the intended effects and sustain the agreed decisions on how to shape the future of humankind.

Logo & Name

The design of the Logo is based on the Golden Ratio which is equal to around 1:1.618 and was first mentioned in 1835 in a mathematical textbook by Martin Ohm.
It reflects the proportion which, as a standard proportion, underlies the arrangement of the human form, the shape of flowers and appears in paintings, composition of music and the construction of cathedrals.
The name odem investing adresses the inherent proportion and dymamic of creation and puts human action (investing) in relation to it. Odem is the source of all sources from which passion emerges from.

We are surrounded by that power of passion by evidence of the beauty of colour, shape and proportion in nature, the arts and in the form of communities and how they sustain tradition and affection in their cultural activities.
If we perceive the sensuous signature of creation we can breathe in accordance with it and discover our call for action (investing) from the source of passion.

Breathing (inhaling and exhaling) can be a model to recognize the rythm and proportion of relationships between creation, creatures and creator. It is passion generated when all three are in tune with eachother.
This shall be reflected in the Logo of odem investing.

The Hebrew word for odem is ruach and means „wind, breath, air, spirit“. Inhaling and exhaling marks the connection of life of humankind with the living planet.

Man breathes the atmosphere of his/her natural and social surrounding. She/he inhales the power and spirit of it and forms his/her spirit (thoughts, decisions) and body (lungs, action) in and with it. It reveals to us the dynamic of our talents in those processes of receiving, exploring, shaping and learning.
Receiving (inhaling) and giving (exhaling)is the essence of nature and society. In the dynamic of that exchange our spirit soul is filled with passion.