(Sustainable Development Goals)

Future investments have to be guided in reference to the goals, criteria and indicators of the SDGs. In persueing this path all entrepreneurial actions and the equity related to them can be directed and measured to conform to the goals agreed by the global community.

Agenda 2030 for sustainable development

All countries are considered to be „developing“ countries.

The SDGs unlike the MDGs (Millenium Development Goals) are adressing all nations (including the so called developing countries, emerging and industrial nations).

The (German) Government has proclaimed to respect and include the SGD nomenclature in the definition of their national road map for sustainable development. It will be supported by the National Council for Sustainable Development.

The SDGs include 17 Goals, 169 sub-goals which refer to the economical, ecological and social sector.

„The SDGs are considered to be unversal goals for all countries.“

They reflect on issues which might be less relvant to a particular country therefore all national governments are called to submit their national road maps in reference to the SDGs.