Every woman and man has unique given talents urging to be expressed. Enterprises are vessels which can sustain and unfold those talents and transform them into abilities. These skills serve the needs of others in the form of products and services. The degree of passion determines the quality of the results.

Labour I
is the perception of one’s existence in the present natural, cultural and social environment (listening and receiving together) and making choices about what to do.

Labour II
is the consultation and agreement on values and goals within the given community and context.

Labour III
is the resulting form of consensus in creating/executing the entrepreneurial actions for the realization of the joint engagement.
This step could be seen as a social manifestation of human will/force expressed in a particular service, product, enterprise or other intervention.

Labour IV
is the analysis of the actual results in comparison to the intended ones and the judging of the chosen form of action in relation to the profit or loss (in terms of accomplishment of the goals/new form).
The profit is being measured as progress or success in relation to the intention that caused the labouring.
The joint efforts of humankind – the passion to achieve their intended goals and the joint suffering caused by failure is way and aim – it is the true form of humankind in it’s present status.