Creation of Man = the beginning of a unique Investment

Which assets are embodied in that investment? – Asset Management

How does it generate profit? – Wealth Managment

How do we explore its ressources? – Capital Formation/Accumulation

How do we build viable initiatives based on its talents? – Company Building

What is the USP of that person? How can it sustain our future? – Profit/Progress

What potentials are embodied and how can we explore them? Asset Management

How do we grow its wealth/abilities? – Capital Formation and Investment

How do we spin-off or merge it with other beneficial companies/acitivities? – Merging and Acqusition

How does this new man alter the world?
– Profit/Strategic Advantage

What kind of future is that human being calling for (by his needs, actions and passions)? – The intention/form of the future of humankind

Re-defining Terms

capital = talents/potentials/abilities

employment = skills which result in exchange of product and/or services

product = result of human action

company = vessel that hosts associated and coordinated action between individuals

division of labour = employed skills to serve needs of others

investment = crediting of initiatives and interventions to serve needs that cater to the goals of humankind (SDGs)

Return on Investment = degree of achievement of such goals (SDGs)

profit = surplus in terms of money to be credited/traded to initiatives of deficiency