Business is not only about business. It is not a strategy to make money.

It is about the substance of entreneurial intervention and which impact it has on life and the perception of our role/mission in it.
Questions that need to discussed:

What is the purpose and goal of our actions and how do they effect our humankind?

What are our needs besides having food, water and shelter?

Which image of the future are we facing and in which way are we progressing?

How do we link our vision of the future with the present entrepreneurial activities?

How do we shape the perception of humankind by the nature of our actions and decisions (the way we interact)?

What is the incentive to take a risk in entrepreneurial action? How do communities/culture value entrepreneurial actions?

How can people associate themselves with companies and become part of entrepreneurial activities?

Who is supporting (sustains) the actions generated by companies?

How do we maintain the freedom of the self but direct its actions to the needs of others?

Which meaning does a company has for its history, society, culture? How does its performance impact vaulues and perception?

When do we consider the purpose oder mission of a company accomplished and how do we exit from ot or enter a new form?

The beginning needs to be considered from the end …

* What is Money? A Discussion.