Odem investing advocates for a new entrepreneurial understanding. It expands the view of companies and their leaders towards the total impact (ecological, social and cultural) of investment activities on nature and society. All men and women are global citizens and connected by their joint heritage. Their lives and the decicions about how to participate are investments which leave numerous residual impressions which are entrepreneurial footprints previously being dismissed by default of the market economy theory.

In order to avoid negative effects of investment decisions in the future it is crucial to consider the previously „external“ effects as an integral part of entrepreneurial activities and as a consequence expand the perception of investments to the total impact they are causing.

Odem investing is directing its focus to a broader picture of the impact of entrepreneurial intervention. It considers labour as an expression of passion and companies as a form of vessel to nurture and compliment those talents in a way that support the socio-ecological and cultural envirenment in its wholeness and close association.

This approach calls for a global tuning process to reach a common understanding of the adhesion among the fragments of the traditional investment perspective, narrowed to a one dimensional „economical“ perception targeted at share- and stakeholders.

Our vision of the future and the dynamic of passion that is derived from that pull effect is to be released and should be the essential basis of all investing activities.

Where do we go as humankind?

Our talents are the capital which needs to be raised. Their associated interaction is the breeding ground from which we derive our growth potential.

Growth in our terms adresses the power of creativity (odem) to plant and grow vibrant societies in an healthy environment.

Companies should in the true sense of the word „incorporate“ such labouring of autonomous citizens rather then employing work forces to serve ends which dimish perception and participation.

Odem investing adresses the source of all talents which is the talent to create talents which is the foundation of any investment.

Themes & Events

Business reporting in the SDGs

GRI and UN Global Compact

A collaborative initiative by GRI and the United Nations Global Compact, ‘Business Reporting on the SDGs’ – an Action Platform, aims to accelerate corporate reporting on the Global Goals.

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How 17 Companies Are Tackling Sustainable Development Goals

One year ago this month, when the United Nations adopted 17 goals as part of an ambitious plan to combat the world’s biggest problems, UN representatives were blunt: They wouldn’t get very far in the next 15 years without the private sector.

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What´s new for 2019?
Business for 2030

The 2019 HLPF focused on SDGs 4, 8, 10, 13, 16, and 17. We invite you to submit case studies on how your company is achieving the SDGs. Submissions focused on these goals is encouraged, although submissions on any goal can be accepted.

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